Apply below to get started!

  • Part One

    This is information so the OJC coordinator can contact you. We will need your name, phone number and email so the coordinator can communicate with you. We won’t provide the information in this part of the form to anyone. If you have questions contact John at 865-407-0726 or [email protected]
  • Part Two

    Information you are willing to share with an employer. Note: Things entered in this part of the form will be shared with potential employers. Do you want to provide an email address and/or a phone number? You will need at least one of them. You can have different information than that above. Some folks have an email address only for this.
  • For example landscaping, computer skills, construction, painting etc.
  • Some employers may be able to provide transportation others may not.
  • Part Three

    A background check Opportunity: We will pay for a background check for you if you want one. This could make the employer more comfortable hiring you for this work. If you choose to have a background check, we will provide the information to the potential employer. Do you want a background check? If so, we will need your signed approval. Download and print this form so you can complete it. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.) After you complete and sign the form, you will need to mail or bring the form to Roane County Cooperative Ministries, 100 Stinnett St., Kingston TN 37763. If you can not print this form, we have copies available at the RCCM office.
  • References

    References will help the employer be more comfortable having you help them with this job. Please ask your pastor, or previous employers etc. to make a referral for you. They can enter it on this site under the ASSISTANCE Tab. You can also provide the references directly to the employer.