Make a Referral

We encourage Pastors, and agencies to contact us if you would like for us to partner with you in addressing the needs of a neighbor or feedback on the assistance we were able to provide. Often a church or an agency can’t help now or doesn’t have the resources to pay for the whole solution. We want to collaborate with you on solving such issues.

You are always welcome to call the Office during regular hours at 865-376-4779. Also, feel free to call John at 865-407-0726 anytime. This Referral For Services Form is helpful to swap some notes if a call doesn’t seem appropriate or to facilitate us picking up the issue as requested.

Provide a reference for “Odd Jobs” for those unemployed or underemployed.

This Odd Jobs Reference Form is used to help one of your church members or previous employees in their efforts to connect with odd jobs. The form gives you the opportunity to provide your reference as their pastor or as their previous employer.  We also plan to offer individuals the option of having a background check at RCCM’s expense, to help them improve their marketability for these jobs..

The employee will need to have submitted information for the “Odd Jobs Program” already so we can link your reference with their application.

The employee’s application, your reference, the background check and the employer’s listing of jobs are all part of an effort to facilitate a connection between the employer and employee. We do not provide any guarantees and will not be involved with the issues related to amount or types of payment etc. Those arrangements will be between the two parties.  All of this has been made clear to the employee and the employer as they interacted with the “Odd Job Connection site.