Garden Grants

At the beginning of April each year, Roane County Cooperative Ministries (RCCM) encourages our community to grow a vegetable garden and provides assistance to those of low income. A vegetable garden not only provides fresh, nutritious produce for our tables, but it can also save you money, provide some exercise and provide an activity to enjoy with your children.

The assistance provided is in the form of a voucher for 35-dollars that can be redeemed for vegetable plants, seed etc. at several different locations in Roane County. These grants run out quickly so be ready at the beginning of April to get in on this opportunity. Our next Garden Grant event is currently scheduled for Thursday April 12, 2021.

Pentecost Celebration

Each year RCCM facilitates a collaboration to celebrate Pentecost. It takes the form of a birthday party for the Christian church. Churches from all denominations come together to celebrate. There is live music, fun for the kids, cake and ice cream etc. This event is the Saturday before Pentecost every year. The next Pentecost Celebration is projected for Saturday, May 22, 2021.

Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

The Cookie Extravaganza is another opportunity to bring us together in preparation for the Christmas season. Bakers prepare their cookies and may enter them in the contest for the best of a variety of categories. We have entrees from professional bakers, first time bakers, Girl Scouts etc. It is a wonderful time of fellowship cookie sampling and an opportunity to stock up on a variety of wonderful treats to serve over the holidays. Look for this event in early December.