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This type of assistance is primarily accomplished during regular office hours which are currently 9 – 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please call 865-376-4779.

During regular office hours (Tues. and Thurs. from 9AM until noon) call 865-376-4779.

After office hours please feel free to leave a message for John at 865-407-0726. This line is not for managing rent and utility issues. It is for other significant concerns and for those wanting to work together to solve a problem.

When Helping Hurts

Many of us naturally want to be involved in assisting our neighbors. Unfortunately, many of the quick fix ideas that come up can actually do more harm than good in the long run. The “When Helping Hurts” course is an opportunity for individuals to come together to understand key principles about providing a variety of types of assistance. It is very helpful for churches, agencies and non-profit groups to take this course together so they can have a common understanding of how to build their benevolence efforts.


Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop

Bridges Out of Poverty is a Workshop designed primarily for those who would like to be as effective as possible in assisting our neighbors from a different economic class than ourselves. It turns out there are surprising differences in the perspectives of individuals from different economic groups. Understanding these differences and how to adjust for them is invaluable.


Getting Ahead Workshop

Many of us live with a desire to be in a better situation than we are currently. Many worry about the loss of employment, illness, or an unexpected large expense that could push us over the edge with our bills. Getting Ahead helps us study our own situation, begin to think about what we would like for our future and helps us plan how to get there. A high percentage of G.A. workshop participants make great progress toward their choice for a better future.


Faith and Finance

Faith and Finance is a class designed to help us have a much better understanding of our current finances. In addition, it shows us how to manage what resources we have in a way that helps us build a better future.