RCCM was founded in 1991 as a cooperative effort between churches across the county.  For most of these years, we primarily focused on helping avert crises through rent and utility assistance or assistance with purchasing medications.  Now as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, RCCM continues to offer emergency relief while we substantially increase our collaborative efforts to focus on helping make a broader more lasting impact through the following programs:

  • Support Action Team (SAT) for finding solutions where there isn’t one currently
  • Secure site for sharing documentation and communicating effectively
  • Database for increased efficiency and effectiveness in assistance efforts
  • A facility to deploy services
  • Bridges - instability and poverty awareness training for allies of those in poverty and/or instability
  • Getting Ahead - workshops which facilitate moving toward a secure future
  • Neighbor Network - A collaboration of support for those working to escape instability
  • Garden grants to encourage learning and practicing skills to grow nutritious food for the family